NiBchain™ – blockchain secured track and trace for trustworthy products

NiBchain™ – blockchain secured track and trace for trustworthy products

To boost traceability and trust, the answer has come in the form of blockchain technology, enabling the immutability of data and transparency in the supply chain. We developed NiBchain™ to answer the growing needs to export products with transparency, to international markets, with the unique ability to trace every single product, it’s every step, starting from its origin. The distributed NiBchain™ solutions allow all participants of the supply chain to review and add to a product’s lifecycle – providing a unique possibility to tell our customers a trustworthy story.

NiBchain™ has received tremendous feedback and with both an agile approach to our software and hands-on interaction with all involved parties, we are sure to be able to create a solution that easily pays for itself by saving time and money as well as providing a unique platform for Blockchain backed trustworthy storytelling.

We are happy to be part of the forefront of applied Blockchain usage that enables participants to reduce costs and increase trust at a level that would not have been possible without Blockchain. The distributed operating system has allowed for incredibly short development time and an agile approach to user feedback.

Blockchain backed traceability

NiBchain™ connects to different Blockchain platforms to allow for trustless traceability and enhanced consumer trust.

Unique level of integration

NiBchain™ is built to connect and make it easy to access information across the globe.

End to end solution

NiBchain™ is an end to end solution and can be set up within hours to allow you to track and trace products around the globe.

Easy access to the complete flow

The NiBchain™ applications combine supplier and order management with a Blockchain backend and store relevant transactions when they happen. This provides authenticity for the story presented to end-users that can easily access those stories by scanning a unique QR code that is printed on each product.

Easy to setup and run

The NiBchain™ concept gives small and medium-sized suppliers the possibility to create a lean and trustworthy supply chain process. It allows small and medium-sized companies to become visible on a global scale. It allows producers to make sure their products are genuine and have this genuineness to be seen as part of their product using the simplicity of a QR code scan on the customer side.

Global and integrated

NiBchain™ can easily connect to external data sources and APIs and integrate information into a single view. This gives a better document and information flow through the supply chain and reduces the use of email and paper to keep track of products.

The NiBchain™ system includes (among other things) Workspace, Admin app, mobile app, and end-user portals,

Digital twins for every single product

Our unique approach lets you easily create a Blockchain backed digital twin for every single product. This allows your customers to have complete trust as the digital twin is easily identifiable through its unique QR code.

Sustainability – proven

The digital twin concept allows a customer to follow his purchase right back to its source. All participants of the supply chain contribute to the dataset.

Everybody can contribute to and access the solution from any device – making it as easy as possible to get sound datasets.

Scales with ease

Our solution can be easily adapted to different Blockchains. It also integrates with any network-enabled service and can easily be scaled up to be able to satisfy a global audience.

Security through control

Our platform gives complete control over the data flow. By default, no data is shared with third parties. Nibchain can be deployed on existing infrastructure or be delivered as Software as a Service. We can also operate in hybrid solutions.

Extendable with ease

As a cloud-native solution, Nibchain can be extended to allow customizations with ease. Our solution comes with an inbuilt REST API and can connect to other APIs and custom interfaces using both persistent and non-persistent connections.

Full circle

Nibchain provides all the tools needed to allow every participant of the supply chain to interact with each other. Even customers can be kept in the loops. Our unique architecture scales to any business need and can be integrated into existing workflows with ease.

Consumer trust

Today’s consumers require more and more information and move away from the price only purchase model looking for sustainable and transparent products. Nibchain increases trust in products.

Brand Protection

NiBchain™ provides brand protection of products to protect them from counterfeiting and copying.

NiBchain™ is a powerful platform and a fully integrated solution that provides visibility and data-driven product insight throughout the value chain.

We are in dialog with partners from all over the world that seek a modern software solution that fits both their goals for external interactions as well as internal information flow. NiBchain™ offers the complete package a company needs: order management, supplier management, document handling, a communication platform for both text-based and live audio/video meetings, office applications as well as calendar and email integration.